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Yes, you really DO have to be out of your mind to sign into this wacky religion. But then, after you read this amazing document you discover that if you ARE indeed out of your mind you don’t really qualify to to participate. The ultimate religious CATCH 22.

PLEASE CHECK THIS DOCUMENTS OUT … I’ve interpreted what they REALLY say below:

Document, Part 1

Document, Part 1

Document, Part 2

Document, Part 2


1. I realize I’m an idiot for even remotely considering a relationship with these lunatics.

2. I agree that psychiatry is bad because they are among the few professionals that know Scientology is hogwash. And I agree to some weird process called the Introspection Rundown that includes the risk of unknown injury, loss, or damage resulting from my decision. It’s O.K., I trust you bozos.

3. I will never sue any of the snake oil sales reps involved in this bogus entity and if my mind gets totally screwed up in the process, it’s all my fault … and the psychiatrists of course.

4. Finally, I really REALLY want to participate in this wacky spiritual assistance and am signing this legal document from Hell that absolves you freaks from any and all damages that are likely to occur because of my irresponsible choices in life, including this one.


Hat tip to Jeffrey Augustine at Scientology Money Project for the link to these documents.

WIKIPEDIA: Michele Diane "Shelly" Miscavige (born January 18, 1961) is the wife of Church of Scientology leader David Miscavige. She has made no public appearances since August 2007. This has become the source of speculation concerning how Scientology treats its members. The Church of Scientology denies that she is missing and states that she is working for the church out of the public eye, though it has declined to reveal her present location. A 2013 missing persons report filed at least two separate times was closed and classified as 'unfounded' by the LAPD, but no information was made public in regards to her location or reason for disappearing from public view. A detective associated with the LAPD claims that detectives have met with the Miscaviges and seen Shelly in person.

WIKIPEDIA: Michele Diane “Shelly” Miscavige (born January 18, 1961) is the wife of Church of Scientology leader David Miscavige. She has made no public appearances since August 2007. This has become the source of speculation concerning how Scientology treats its members. The Church of Scientology denies that she is missing and states that she is working for the church out of the public eye, though it has declined to reveal her present location. A 2013 missing persons report filed at least two separate times was closed and classified as ‘unfounded’ by the LAPD, but no information was made public in regards to her location or reason for disappearing from public view. A detective associated with the LAPD claims that detectives have met with the Miscaviges and seen Shelly in person.

VANITY FAIR: Shelly Miscavige: Scientology’s Vanished Queen

After the wife of Scientology leader David Miscavige disappeared from public view, in 2007, those who asked questions were stonewalled, or worse. Now interviews with former insiders provide a grim picture of Shelly Miscavige’s youth, marriage, and fall from grace—and an assessment of her fate.

Vanity Fair goes “Full Auto” on report of strange disappearance of Scientology’s First Lady, Shelly Miscavige. We’re just guessing here, but it would seem that sooner or later David Miscagive is going to run out of room in the closet to store all those inconvenient “skeletons.”

“The law [in Scientology] is: The closer to David Miscavige you get, the harder you’re going to fall,” says Claire Headley, an ex-Scientologist who, along with her husband, Marc, worked closely with the Miscaviges. “It’s like the law of gravity, practically. It’s just a matter of when.” (The church of Scientology declined Vanity Fair’s repeated requests to interview the Miscaviges. In so doing, church representatives dismissed most of V.F.’s sources as disgruntled apostates, and called V.F.’s questions “ludicrous and offensive.” Additionally, the representatives described Shelly Miscavige as a private person who “has been working nonstop in the church, as she always has.”

Tony Ortega at The Underground Bunker has more:

One of the most intriguing mysteries of the Church of Scientology is the disappearance of Shelly Miscavige, wife of the church’s leader, David Miscavige. A frequent refrain heard from critics of the church is “Where’s Shelly?” — and that question is also central to the recent defection of Leah Remini, who began to break away from the church when she didn’t get a satisfactory answer.

We can now say that we have received new confirmation that Shelly Miscavige is living and working at Scientology’s super-secret CST headquarters near Lake Arrowhead in the mountains above Los Angeles, where she has been the entire time since she was sent there in late 2005 or early 2006.

More than likely, it’s probably true that Shelley doesn’t even think that she is in need of “rescue.” That’s the sad fact about the Scientology mindset – after a while the brain ceases to function in a logical way – “up” is “down,” “black” is “white,” “right” is … well, whatever David Miscavige happens to think is best for his personal well being. And it’s a pretty safe bet you’ll not see this handsome couple HERE any time soon.

The last place you probably see David and Shelley Miscavige any time soon!

The last place you probably see David and Shelley Miscavige any time soon!

Among independent Scientology’s most influential promoters are such luminaries as former “hard core” top level Scientologists Marty Rathbun and Mike Rinder.

Among independent Scientology’s most influential promoters are such luminaries as former “hard core” top level Scientologists Marty Rathbun and Mike Rinder.

Among independent Scientology’s most influential promoters are such luminaries as former “hard core” top level Scientologists Marty Rathbun and Mike Rinder. Their belief is that Scientology is a belief system that, at its core, is still a legitimate and viable philosophical and religious entity. That they have personal axes to grind with the current chief scoundrel of Scientology, David Miscavige, is not a secret. They are now on a quest to reform Hubbard’s “teachings” from outside the camp, a task which continues to attract followers as the hinges on the back door of official Scientology are quickly wearing out.

Bare Faced Messiah

The story of “a penniless science fiction writer who…became a millionaire prophet and convinced his adoring followers that he alone could save the world”.

Hanging out a sign the says “Under New Management” on a company that continues to produce an inferior product isn’t saying much. The ultimate relevance of any so-called religious movement rises and falls on the honesty, integrity and credibility of its founder. You can package L. Ron Hubbard any way you want … but truth is not going to be on the list of ingredients. That Hubbard was well read, well informed and charismatic is not in question. That he had great difficulty with the truth about himself and the ideas he copied from others and fabricated on his own is reasonably well documented. The sanitized version of Hubbard’s life as recorded by “official” Scientology archives presents a character clearly impossible to believe in … a man of unparalleled wisdom and integrity – a veritable Super Hero of sorts.

The public record is replete with documentation that shows that this little emperor indeed is dressed only in his underwear. For the whole story on L. Ron Hubbard, we highly recommend Russell Miller’s book, BARE-FACED MESSIAH. This revealing look at the real Ron Hubbard should be part of any library where there’s an interest in the world of Scientology.

The current Kindle price is only $8.87 … a bargain at twice the price. Get it … read it … be informed.



Right away you know something is terribly wrong when the words “Scientology” and “free of charge” are in the same web site. But in all fairness, perhaps we should take a closer look … because like the video says, “THERE ARE REASONS BEHIND EVERY SITUATION.” WHAT? Yes, he really did say that. But I digress … on to Investigating the INVESTIGATIONS.

“Investigations” is a Free Online Course you can begin right away. It is our service to you, free of charge.

Many people go through life in a rather hit-or-miss fashion, casting about for ideas to explain why their projects improve or decline, why they are successful or why they are not. Guessing and “hunches,” however, are not very reliable. And without the knowledge of how to actually investigate situations, good or bad, and get the true facts, a person is set adrift in a sea of unevaluated data.

Gee … I would think at this point that maybe College or a seminar might help overcome some of those “hunches.” People don’t just get launched out into the world without any investigative skills … oh wait, those are exactly the people Scientology is looking for. As Jon Atack said in The Total Freedom Trap: Scientology, Dianetics And L. Ron Hubbard, “Most people come to Scientology when their lives are in crisis. Scientology uses manipulative recruiting techniques to heighten vulnerability, and falsely promises a solution for almost any problem. From the beginning, the new recruit is subjected to techniques which induce euphoria. The desire for this euphoric state can be ikened to a drug addiction, often rendering members all but incapable of critical thinking with regard to Scientology.” Good point Jon.

Accurate investigation is, in fact, a rare commodity. Man’s tendency in matters he doesn’t understand is to accept the first proffered explanation, no matter how faulty. Thus investigatory technology had not actually been practiced or refined. However, L. Ron Hubbard made a breakthrough in the subject of logic and reasoning which led to his development of the first truly effective way to search for and consistently find the actual causes for things.

So L. Ron figured out how to find actual causes for things. That’s curious. All along I thought it was folks like Einstein, Freud, Aristotle, Leonardo Da Vinci, Nikola Tesla, Sir Isaac Newton, Stephen Hawking … just to name a few. And Mr. Hubbard wants us to believe he’s up there with this prestigious list of folks? I don’t think so.

Knowing how to investigate gives one the power to navigate through the random facts and opinions and emerge with the real reasons behind success or failure in any aspect of life. By really finding out why things are the way they are, one is therefore able to remedy and improve a situation—any situation. This is an invaluable technology for people in all walks of life.

O.K., so here’s a question for all you aspiring Non-OT Scientologists out there (yes.. YOU, the 90% who haven’t even advanced beyond OT1). When was the last time any of your friends up through the OT8 category demonstrated their “Super Powers.” Come on — don’t mess with me, you know what I’m talking about. And it’s not related to this bogus “navigations” line of bull. Seriously – the hype about moving through the advanced levels of technology are about as bogus as clicking on the next “please select a deal” button for Publishers Clearing House online contests. The last time I checked, the odds on winning the current PCH contest was about 1 in 1.8 billion — playing the lottery is probably the better pick. But if you’re into throwing away wads of money, but all means move to the front of the line.

It has been estimated that the cost of achieving total freedom for the whole bridge to OT9 readiness is estimated at $365,000 – $380,000 (latest estimate in 2006 dollars – courtesy of Operation Clambake.) For that investment you get the unique power to change traffic lights at will … or something. Although the faithful will never admit it to an outsider, they secretly believe there are unique super powers bestowed on the upper level Operating Thetan – powers that make it “possible for one “thetan” to read another thetan’s “mental image pictures.” Hubbard encouraged even more strenuous beliefs for the final OT level — OT VIII — which was claimed to make the recipient “at cause over physical matter, energy, space and time.” (Jon Atack).

Well, I’m out of time and patience to continue today’s study of Investigations. If, by now, you’re not convinced otherwise, then go ahead and take the stupid free online course. But remember, you were warned in advance … once they’ve got your phone number and email address, YOU ARE SCREWED!!


Criticism of the Memphis icon’s religion has turned out to be a disappointing distraction in the wake of his death. | Memphis

A tribute to soul singer Isaac Hayes will be held Monday at the Hope Presbyterian Church in Cordova. A focus on anything but the man, his art and his humanity would be disrespectful to a giant of Memphis music.

Disappointing is too mild a word for the intolerance that has surfaced since Hayes’ death last Sunday because he chose to practice Scientology. With Lisa Marie Presley, Hayes founded the Memphis mission of the church, which has attracted ridicule because of its offbeat doctrine and a roster of celebrity believers such as Hayes, Tom Cruise and John Travolta.

As peculiar and controversial as the church may be, it was the singer-actor’s personal choice and deserves respect — respect that Hayes himself asked for two years ago when he resigned from the Comedy Central satire “South Park” because it had “crossed the line,” he said, in a send-up of his religion.

The resignation was a major sacrifice for Hayes, who depended on the show for income after losing the rights to many of his songs. And yet even in death, Hayes is being publicly disrespected for a personal choice he had a right to make.

The comments on this newspaper’s Web site demonstrated how fragile the veneer of public civility can be when anonymity is granted. The criticism of Hope Presbyterian, particularly when it was reported that a Scientology minister was expected to lead the ceremony, revealed how easily the vein of hostility toward people of a minority faith can be opened.

Hope Presbyterian will be the site of the tribute because it has a 5,000-seat sanctuary and audio-video equipment of sufficient quality for a sendoff that a man of Hayes’ genius deserves. With his instrumental talent, his resonant voice and his creativity, Hayes left a great legacy that will be marred if critics of his religion continue to exploit his death to satisfy personal agendas.

As Hope Presbyterian senior pastor Craig Strickland explained in Friday’s editions, the tribute is for the community and not unlike other occasions when Hope has opened its space to the public. This community owes a debt to Hayes for the joy his music elicited and the positive image he helped produce for this city’s creative community.

Pounding away at his religious preference is not the way to repay him.

In fairness to the rest of humanity, respect is only as good as the circle within which it is valued. You personally, or on behalf of the publication, do not garner any more authority to speak on what IS or IS NOT intolerant — any more than the typical “man on the street.” Your lack of knowledge about the so-called religion of Scientology is obvious. Although we have no certainty about Mr. Hayes “level” of adherance to Scientology’s principles, we can be sure of one thing … he was at the very least “associated” with a belief system that has only stood the test of time through its own version of intolerance, intimidation and litigation against those who have chosen to speak out against it.

Ignorance on your behalf is not an excuse for speaking critically of a movement which has sprung up world-wide to expose what Scientology is really about. This is not about Isaac Hayes and whatever you have read that served to demean him for his “religious” choice is isolated and out of the main stream. Respect for an individual’s talent and/or accomplishments can always be separated from their associations. We can hold individuals in high esteem but draw attention to organizations, societies or groups that they may belong to.

Isaac Hayes’ talent is in no need of defense, and certainly not from a “public opinion attorney” who brings no evidence to the courtroom. We will let his music and reputation stand … his humanity contained a flaw which placed faith in the greatest “ponzi scheme” of the last century. Better folks than Hayes have been duped by similar ideologies, and he can certainly be laid to rest with good memories and whatever respect he deserves. Those of of us who believe he was dead wrong about religion will continue to expose the criminal nature and human abuses of David Miscavige’s Scientology.

I’m sure your editorial was well meaning, and your “opinion” has been heard. We will place among all the others in the vast sea of public opinion. May the best man win.

Sort of a “religious” equivalent of “The Blob”

CLEARWATER – The Church of Scientology has added to its downtown property holdings, buying a 5-acre waterfront parcel from church members whose plans for a condominium failed.

The church paid $10 million for the property along North Fort Harrison Avenue but has no plans for it, church spokeswoman Pat Harney said today. It could become part of the church’s expansion of the Sandcastle complex that fronts Clearwater Harbor, she said.

“Now we have a little more land to play with,” Harney said.

… The church agreed in June to buy the 5 acres, which Harney noted “is the only significant adjacent property ever likely to become available” in the area.

Scientology, which has its spiritual headquarters in downtown’s Fort Harrison Hotel, now owns nearly 30 properties in Clearwater, most of them in the downtown area. Most prominent is the new Flag Building, a 380,000-square-foot building at 215 S. Fort Harrison Ave., across from the Fort Harrison Hotel. The center, which covers an entire block, was begun in 1999 but has yet to be completed.

Heh … “play with” indeed. This ridiculous excuse for a religious enterprise really gets me steamed up. Nothing short of the world’s most elaborate “pyramid scheme,” the minions of David Miscavige, et al, rake in millions of dollars from people who were just down on their “emotional” luck when the hellhounds of the Church of Scientology pulled them aside for an innocent little “personality” test (it doesn’t matter how you answer the questions … you’ll be in the “unacceptable” range no matter what). And what does this parmamount pseudo-religion do with its ill-gotten gain? Buys up a city of course! Hey … it’s only $10 million here and $10 million there, what’s the problem? And how about that idiotic Super Power Rundown building that they’ve been working on for 9 years? Talk about cost overruns!!

Actually, this story from Tampa is just another piece of “ho-hum” reporting on the $cilon empire in Clearwater. What is MUCH more interesting are the comments that have been added by the locals and others about this whole mess … READ with fascination, as we see what people REALLY think of this masterful cult:

The church plans to add a relious services building???? More like a brainwashing facility…….

I wonder how Clearwater can survive if the majority of the property downtown is owned by a business that makes billions yet pays nothing in taxes?

Its going to be the landing strip for the spaceship all the Cult members are going to take off in.

Watch out Clearwater. Pretty soon you will have a Scientologist City Council and Mayor. Then they will be right where they want to be. In control of all permits and decisions.

Now it’s time to play the scientology censorship game and see mow many days (usually only two) for someone to have deleted all the innocuous posts like this one because of ‘public outcry’.

what do you call 10,000 scientologists at the bottom of the gulf? ————a good start.

Will the last real person leaving downtown Clearwater please bring the flag. That cult started as a con and by God it worked. They were able to con the entire Clearwater goverment into believing that they are a church. Now that the entire downtown area has been overtaken. We can start giving away Largo.

I’m sick of hearing about these people, hopefully next we’ll hear of them ordering huge quantities of koolaid.

Just another in a long string of “ghost purchases”. The “church” is the largest owner of downtown property, paying no taxes. Every time they buy a property, everyone elses taxes go up to make up the difference. Not to mention that the “church” members contribute little to the local economy, instead they are brainwashed into giving thier money to the “church”. They are a drain on this city and no one has the guts to fight them.

pinocchio2.jpgMuddy waters of fact and fiction meet as mysterious “dignitaries” and out-of-context quoting bring video channel’s legitimacy into question.

The Church of Scientology has refuted claims by an independent French news Web site, the Anonymous Group and the Enturbulation that a video posted to the church’s new Video Channel includes bogus or misleading footage of non-existent dignitaries singing the praises of the controversial religion’s youth humanitarian efforts.

The video in question – Human Rights, In Support of Human Rights – featured on the Scientology Video Channel includes more than 20 unnamed dignitaries from various political, cultural and educational occupations promoting the Youth for Human Rights campaign; a movement in which the Church of Scientology is only one of over 30 sponsors. Only the speakers distinguished job titles are offered to the viewers as a means for judging the credibility of the speaker’s statements.

Enturbulation, a source for information on activism against the Church of Scientology, features a thread posted by users that claims to have identified more speakers in the Scientology video whose identities or job titles are either false, fabricated or embellished.

So much for the “quest for truth.” If you buy into the “If it’s true for you…” system of Scientology reality, that has to include the closely held beliefs of every other person on the planet (and if numbers mean anything, that puts Scientologists WAY down near the bottom of the list, because what’s true for everyone else is NOT Scientology). “True for you” by virtue of its own definition leads to conflicting beliefs (Your truth is not MY truth). If Scientologists were seekers of truth, then they would be open to dialogue and a free exchange of ideas. As it is, they are NOT. Scilons view all criticism as an event that, according to their own “theology,” needs to be “handled”. They derail discussions by characterizing all criticism as religious bigotry, a distraction of their anti-psychologist agenda, or through comparison to other, larger religions (always with the assumption that the critic has no problem with these either). This is not truth-seeking. This is merely an attempt to cling to a belief system that is hopelessly unable to bear up under the slightest scrutiny.

KSW … Keep Spreading Whoppers!