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Yes, you really DO have to be out of your mind to sign into this wacky religion. But then, after you read this amazing document you discover that if you ARE indeed out of your mind you don’t really qualify to to participate. The ultimate religious CATCH 22.

PLEASE CHECK THIS DOCUMENTS OUT … I’ve interpreted what they REALLY say below:

Document, Part 1

Document, Part 1

Document, Part 2

Document, Part 2


1. I realize I’m an idiot for even remotely considering a relationship with these lunatics.

2. I agree that psychiatry is bad because they are among the few professionals that know Scientology is hogwash. And I agree to some weird process called the Introspection Rundown that includes the risk of unknown injury, loss, or damage resulting from my decision. It’s O.K., I trust you bozos.

3. I will never sue any of the snake oil sales reps involved in this bogus entity and if my mind gets totally screwed up in the process, it’s all my fault … and the psychiatrists of course.

4. Finally, I really REALLY want to participate in this wacky spiritual assistance and am signing this legal document from Hell that absolves you freaks from any and all damages that are likely to occur because of my irresponsible choices in life, including this one.


Hat tip to Jeffrey Augustine at Scientology Money Project for the link to these documents.



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Coming to a theater near you! THE ANON RESURRECTION.

 (Click image to download hi-res PDF for printing)


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L-Ron’s Birthday Special! FREE OT III CERTIFICATE!

PseudoScientology Ministries is bringing you this exquisite OT III certificate inspired by a design never seen by the general public. It is said that the mere presence of this authentic rare document in your home or office will generate psychic enlightenment beyond your imagination. Don’t wait … send your name today and we’ll send you ABSOLUTE FREE, a genuine PDF containing the actual fibers that L. Ron Hubbard used in the original parchment certificate.

This offer will not last … the supply of rare original fibers is limited. When they’re gone … they’re GONE! Feel the power today … don’t delay! Send us your name and get the power of OT III on your wall now!


Introducing the premier edition of the Galactic Warriors of the Federation. This is the first in a series … future products to include trading cards, board games, sticker books, coloring books, computer games … EVERYTHING!! Investor inquiries welcome.


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And for good reason … click the pic to see what auditing now includes.

tech-news_01.jpg“The Church of Scientology can delete auctions from eBay with no supervision under the VeRO program, and has used this to delete all resale of the e-meters Scientologists use. This is to stop members from buying used units from ex-members instead of buying from the official (and very expensive) source. Given Scientology’s record of fraud and abuse, should eBay give them this level of trust? Will this set a precedent for other companies that want to stop the aftermarket resale of their products?”

Scientology abuses eBay’s VeRO program to practice religious, price discrimination

By the time Bill (not his real name) left the Church of Scientology a few years ago, he had amassed quite a collection of Scientology material—mostly books, tapes, e-meters. But ex-members of Scientology (especially staff members) find themselves in a difficult spot in this regard when they leave Scientology: their books, tapes, and e-meters are only valued by Scientologists, who, quite inconveniently, are strongly discouraged (read: disallowed) from communicating with ex-members—as any ex-Scientologist will tell you.

Not surprisingly, he turned to eBay, where a Scientologist buyer can remain blissfully unaware that his seller is a declared suppressive person. But every time he attempts to sell his e-meter on eBay, the listing is removed within hours by the Church of Scientology, which claims that the listing violates their intellectual property rights. See screenshots of the auctions while they were up here [update; personal info redacted] and here, and respective “Invalid Item” eBay pages here and here. And it’s not just Bill—I’ve watched numerous e-meter listings from other sellers removed before they even receive a bid.

If you’re uninitiated to eBay, you’d probably think that for each of these removals, the Church of Scientology informs eBay of the violation of its rights, eBay considers the merits of their argument, and then only then does eBay yank the listing. But that’s not what happens at all. Instead, eBay effectively deputizes Scientology, which logs into eBay and removes the listings itself…

This is not a new development—it’s been going on for nearly 8 years, as this Slashdot story shows. But it’s high time eBay did something about it.

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Billions are stored for the U.S. currency changeover …


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