Will Smith Gives Big Money To Scientology!

Posted: December 18, 2008 in Celeb action

Will Smith Gives Big Money To Scientology!

We all know that Will Smith is a pretty charitable guy.

Recently, he’s even been going to hospitals and schools to donate his time and money.

So it’s no surprise that Smith, and his beard wife Jada, have given away $1.3 million in donations this last year to a variety of charities.

The tax returns for Smith’s charitable foundation show that several donations were made to art groups, hospital, and religious groups.

Smith’s biggest single contribution was again to the Yesha Ministries of Philadelphia. The born-again Christian based organization received $250,000 from Smith.

But perhaps the most interesting thing is that Smith donated to the Church of Scientology, giving a combined total of $122,500.

Smith and Jada have also supported that new private school in Los Angeles, New Village Academy, that uses Scientology learning concepts.

Smith denies being directly involved with the “religion.” But, as the old saying goes, MONEY TALKS!

Equal opportunity at work! Thanks to Perez Hilton.


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