The placebo group mentality

Posted: December 14, 2008 in Mildly Interesting

Manager uses Scientology technology

R.T. completed the book course for The Problems of Work. She is an Associate Director Client Services and here tells a story of how she applied the information she learned in the book to her management position:

“I have two new staff members so had a meeting to create a new game with my team. The team members created a tool to measure what they handle using Affinity, Reality and Communication daily and promised to share all related data and to recreate the job daily. The agreed to take a walk when they feel burnt out or tired. I let them know this method will work at home too. This is good because they know I support them in start-change-stop cycles at work. We all gave each other a high 5 at the end of the meeting.”

Every month or so this “how can you be serious by posting once a month” Scientology blog gets a “personal story” posted about the wonderfulness of some aspect of Scientology. This is no different than hundreds of other sites they have created – it’s just a lame effort to plaster nonsense about the Scilon empire in as many places as possible on the Internet.

And the deep secret revealed, “… take a walk when they feel burnt out…” certainly makes one wonder what other “blinding flashes of the obvious” are contained in the course called, The Problems of Work. In a “medical testing” sense, Scientology is the “control group” taking the placebo — it’s not real medicine, but the members are made to think it is.


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