Mayor abandons anti-drug program affiliated with Church of Scientology

Posted: December 8, 2008 in Breaking

Once again misinformation and dishonesty hits a Scientology front group

LAS CRUCES [New Mexico] — The city is immediately ending an anti-drug program aimed at third-graders after it was revealed it was created and bankrolled by the Church of Scientology.

The “Drug-Free Marshal” program, started in late November, had only been presented to five schools but was intended to be promoted eventually among all third-graders in the Las Cruces Public Schools.

Mayor Ken Miyagishima apologized Saturday and said it was not his intention to promote the religion. The mayor said he was approached this summer by Richard Henley, of Foundation for a Drug-Free World, who showed him a pamphlet adorned with the seals of El Paso, Espanola, the Rio Arriba County Sheriff’s Department and the Horizon City, Texas, and Socorro, Texas, Police Departments and asked if the city would “support eradicating drug use in the community.”

In small type at the bottom, the pamphlet is copyrighted by Foundation for a Drug-Free World, Narconon and Association for Better Living and Education, all Scientology programs.

“It’s my fault for not checking it out,” Miyagishima said. “This is something that I have to put an end to, this portion of it, since it was brought up to me.”

  1. The very much NON peer reviewed “Dianetics” therapy techniques, still to this day NOT peer reviewed, and there’s little interest from any university still today or therapy organizations to peer review the basic dianetics techniques of Hubbard’s classic book, “Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health”, wihch per Hubbard’s 4 decades of “research” evolved into the Scientology new religious movement science-fictionesque spiritual therapy (the highest levels of Scientology’s spiritual therapy ladder today, called “OT 3,”OT 4,” “OT 5,” “OT 6,” and “OT 7”, deal with relieving oneself of the souls of murdered persons who lived over 75 million years ago). Hubbard’s spiritual THERAPY (Hubbard calls the therapy “auditing”) part of Dianetics/Scientology has by shocked neglect escaped ANY scientific detailed peer reviewed research. So rightly, any public officials anywhere in the world should take Hubbard’s theories with a grain of salt. The same viewpoint of academia still stands. If Dianetics or Scientology are to warrant peer review, then let’s see some results.
    In my 3 decades of participation as a staffer of the Scientology movement, my hindsight disappointment is the lack of results. Hubbard implies with hard work, his system will result in super-people personal spiritual powers. That has not been the case. The one anonymous protester’s protest sign said it all: “Tom Cruise can’t fly.” No Scientologist has regained his/her full pure soul power and is capable of flying out of the body out of their head at will. Scientology/Hubbard edge towards rightfully being considered spiritual con man fraud by not delivering the implied and claimed “super powers” of spiritual abilities.
    Chuck Beatty, ex Scientology movement staffer, 1975-2003, Pittsburgh, USA


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