Church Of Scientology Buys Another Piece Of Downtown Clearwater

Posted: August 8, 2008 in Daily Rant

Sort of a “religious” equivalent of “The Blob”

CLEARWATER – The Church of Scientology has added to its downtown property holdings, buying a 5-acre waterfront parcel from church members whose plans for a condominium failed.

The church paid $10 million for the property along North Fort Harrison Avenue but has no plans for it, church spokeswoman Pat Harney said today. It could become part of the church’s expansion of the Sandcastle complex that fronts Clearwater Harbor, she said.

“Now we have a little more land to play with,” Harney said.

… The church agreed in June to buy the 5 acres, which Harney noted “is the only significant adjacent property ever likely to become available” in the area.

Scientology, which has its spiritual headquarters in downtown’s Fort Harrison Hotel, now owns nearly 30 properties in Clearwater, most of them in the downtown area. Most prominent is the new Flag Building, a 380,000-square-foot building at 215 S. Fort Harrison Ave., across from the Fort Harrison Hotel. The center, which covers an entire block, was begun in 1999 but has yet to be completed.

Heh … “play with” indeed. This ridiculous excuse for a religious enterprise really gets me steamed up. Nothing short of the world’s most elaborate “pyramid scheme,” the minions of David Miscavige, et al, rake in millions of dollars from people who were just down on their “emotional” luck when the hellhounds of the Church of Scientology pulled them aside for an innocent little “personality” test (it doesn’t matter how you answer the questions … you’ll be in the “unacceptable” range no matter what). And what does this parmamount pseudo-religion do with its ill-gotten gain? Buys up a city of course! Hey … it’s only $10 million here and $10 million there, what’s the problem? And how about that idiotic Super Power Rundown building that they’ve been working on for 9 years? Talk about cost overruns!!

Actually, this story from Tampa is just another piece of “ho-hum” reporting on the $cilon empire in Clearwater. What is MUCH more interesting are the comments that have been added by the locals and others about this whole mess … READ with fascination, as we see what people REALLY think of this masterful cult:

The church plans to add a relious services building???? More like a brainwashing facility…….

I wonder how Clearwater can survive if the majority of the property downtown is owned by a business that makes billions yet pays nothing in taxes?

Its going to be the landing strip for the spaceship all the Cult members are going to take off in.

Watch out Clearwater. Pretty soon you will have a Scientologist City Council and Mayor. Then they will be right where they want to be. In control of all permits and decisions.

Now it’s time to play the scientology censorship game and see mow many days (usually only two) for someone to have deleted all the innocuous posts like this one because of ‘public outcry’.

what do you call 10,000 scientologists at the bottom of the gulf? ————a good start.

Will the last real person leaving downtown Clearwater please bring the flag. That cult started as a con and by God it worked. They were able to con the entire Clearwater goverment into believing that they are a church. Now that the entire downtown area has been overtaken. We can start giving away Largo.

I’m sick of hearing about these people, hopefully next we’ll hear of them ordering huge quantities of koolaid.

Just another in a long string of “ghost purchases”. The “church” is the largest owner of downtown property, paying no taxes. Every time they buy a property, everyone elses taxes go up to make up the difference. Not to mention that the “church” members contribute little to the local economy, instead they are brainwashed into giving thier money to the “church”. They are a drain on this city and no one has the guts to fight them.


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