Counterfeit Dreams — into and out of Scientology

Posted: August 3, 2008 in X-Members

Jeff Hawkins’ moving story about his journey into, and out of, the world’s most heinous and flagitious false religion … Scientology.

I spent 35 years working for the Church of Scientology, all over the world, and at all echelons, including the top level at the Scientology International Base in Hemet, California. This blog contains my story. It has taken a while to write, but it is now complete. I left Scientology three years ago and have no further connection to corporate Scientology. I am currently active in exposing their lies and abuses, and in providing whatever help I can to individuals and families who have been harmed by Scientology.

  1. educlaytion says:

    Good job for what you are doing. Germany and France are investigating SoC fraud. I just survived a week in Scientologist Mecca at Clearwater Beach Florida. They are crazy with the goal of clearing the earth of everyone else, and I just wrote about my wild encounters with them with lots of useful links.


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