Don’t wait until your life is shattered before asking some important questions!

Posted: March 23, 2008 in Daily Rant

shattered2.jpgAfter a day of yard work yesterday, I read all 612 pages (some are blank) of The Technical Bulletins of Dianetics and Scientology, Volume XIV THE O.T. LEVELS (yes, I’m an accomplished speed reader).

It is well known that very few Scilons ever even reach OT III, not to mention the possibility of OT VIII to X. And if the Clearwater Super Power Rundown Facility ever gets finished in Clearwater, fewer yet will experience its secret rituals. The more I read of these secrets from the Scilon archives, the more I am astounded that the dull imaginings of L. Ron Hubbard could ever attract a crowd even the size of amateur night at the comedy club. The grandiose claim that a spiritual event is actually occuring during the process of auditing is as ludicrous as “thinking” yourself “thin” without pushing back from the table. Is “something” happening during auditing? Sure. But it’s not anything spiritual or redeeming … it is part of an enormously complicated mechanism that L. Ron Hubbard created to make money. It gives you something to do but never allows you to achieve what it is you’re looking for. It’s merely a giant metaphorical “carrot” than one continues to chase while giving up wads of money that could be better spent in a thousand other ways.

As illustrated by the Technical Bulletin I read this weekend, there are thousands of words describing WHAT TO DO, and HOW TO DO IT … but not ONE about what is going to be the result. The tenants of Scientology focus on the life you spent before this one (reincarnation) and the life you get to spend AFTER this one, but ask them to offer you something for THIS life and it’s pretty much an “empty suit.” If you’re on the inside, ask yourself why the “Golden Age of Tech” has never come to pass, why is it that the routing forms seem like an endless merry-go-round, why is it that the magic of going OT never materializes, why is it that no one ever talks personally about their upper level OT auditing and their alleged State of Awareness, why is it that the truly poor, sick and disabled people of society find no aid from this “religion,” and why is it that every step on the backwards-moving sidewalk of “The Bridge” involves MORE AND MORE money?

Too many questions? Well isn’t that what a big part of life is all about? The person who doesn’t have questions isn’t much interested in his or her world. But to question Scientology is “anathema,” a Greek word meaning something ‘forbidden’ or ‘off limits.’ The truth is that Scientology, for all you are required to pay, can’t even deliver on the same level as some of the country’s least expensive self-improvement seminars.

Coming back to our discussion of the Technical Bulletins … I’d like to save the PC’s a lot of time and effort (PC … potential convert or Pre-Clear, take your choice), so just for the record … the only meaningful sentences in the entire 612 page document appear on the LAST page.

[Regarding Super Power Rundown] … At some point during the running of this series of processes the person will reach a state wherein they are speechless. They will laugh with wild abandon. Their TA will be floating! They will probably also be exterior and will be unable to communicate in words what they are experiencing. This is the end result of the Super Power Rundown. It is rare for this to occur prior to the running of the last flow of this series of processes, but if it occurs then acknowledge the win.

One thing the auditor must not do is interrupt the person while in the middle of this major win or during the laughter. Otherwise it will invalidate the win. The auditor simply maintains his TRs and lets the person have his win. Do not end the session until the laughter stops as this will also tend to invalidate the person and his win.

SPEECHLESSNESS & WILD LAUGHTER … at the end of the day, that’s all you get with Scientology.

[ludicrous: lu·di·crous – adjective; causing laughter because of absurdity; provoking or deserving derision; ridiculous; laughable]

[speechless: the opposite of communicative, or talkative; “talk” being defined as having the ability to process and verbalise ideas, to interact with others confidently; to navigate a conversation; to read cues of voice inflection and body language and to present a simple argument cogently.]


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