Scientology Under Siege

Posted: March 18, 2008 in Breaking, Media
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Inside the Guerrilla War Against Tom Cruise’s Cult

EDITOR NOTE: You’ll be hard pressed to find better coverage of every aspect of Scientology than this one which appeared in Radar Magazine online today. Let’s just call it, “The full-meal deal!”

Cult Friction

After an embarrassing string of high-profile defection and leaked videos, Scientology is under attack from a faceless cabal of online activists. Has America’s most controversial religion finally met its match?

  1. $cientology says:

    Yes. I certainly hope so. These people are dangerous and subversive This lunacy must stop.

    After doing a search for “dangerous cult” in Google and learning of their horrible methods of intimidation of detractors and how they harassed the IRS/US government into acknowledging them as a church and giving them tax-exempt status I was disgusted. Our government should have the sense to wield power more expertly than a group of lunatics

    Every other country monitors them as a menace to their society. Other countries have used their power to shut them down and keep them from getting a foot-hold, not America. They are just as much terrorists as Al Qaida and worse.


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