Hubbard: Religious icon or manipulative mind freak

Posted: March 16, 2008 in Daily Rant

Was L. Ron Hubbard just another chubby religious guru like Buddha? After all, he DID think of himself as a living reincarnation — the Maitreya Buddha supposedly prophesied to appear by Gautama Buddha.


How is it that the ridiculously complicated mechanism he invented, called Scientology, is believed to be a Bridge to ANYTHING or ANYWHERE (I’m asking seriously)? How many CoS followers can actually say they’ve reached a state where they can “…control themselves and their environment?” Most people would call that claim one of extreme arrogance. Perhaps it could be illustrated by taking a lifelong course in computer programming, only to find out near the “end” that all you can do is some simple coding in “BASIC” (but you’re convinced that you’ve reached the zenith of computer coding). What happens to your logic, judgment and reasoning ability? Are you kept in such a tight little cocoon that you cannot see “the forest for the trees?”

The tenants of L. Ron Hubbard’s pseudo-religion resonate primarily within the context of deceit, deception and dirty dealing. Admittedly, this is only based on a “crash course” of research over the past couple of months, but it seems to be corroborated by many whose stories have been published on a variety of web sites. I’ve heard David Miscavige speak in terms so thick with ridiculous Bizarro-code it makes my head spin. I’ve also read the wrenching stories of individuals whose young lives have literally been stolen from them. I’m only supposing that they would not characterize Scientology as having “worked” for them.

I view L. Ron’s “doctrine” purely as a concoction of mental aberrance and powerful imagination. It repeatedly has defied any scientific demonstration, it flies in the face of logic, it creates its own convenient enemies to rally the faithful, it prostitutes the natural tendencies of many who actually want to do some “good” in this world, and has created little or nothing of societal change in its 50 year history (unless you want to count empty wallets versus current real estate holdings), and it reacts with a corporate paranoia unmatched in polite society to any and every perceived threat or challenge. I suppose Mormonism has run a close second place, but at least they have some REALLY cool stuff like SPECIAL UNDERWEAR and the multiple wives thingy going for them (and not nearly the same number of lawyers).

I obviously don’t know a LOT about Scientology’s “deeper” precepts but I’m workin on it. I do agree with the proposition that, in some ways, “Scientology works and has value (QUALIFIED).” But the degree to which there is any significant human achievement is dubious and the VALUE aspect is ludicrous in the extreme (IMHO). I do not believe the principles of value are original with Hubbard nor where they designed to lend themselves to the advancement of society — they are egocentric, narcissistic and self-indulgent. And many of the same helpful behavioral concepts can be found in everything from the Boy Scouts to Tony Robbins, who says on his web site that he … “has uncovered and refined a unique system for anyone who wants to take their life to the next level.”

I guess my thought about Hubbard’s CoS can be reduced to a saying my In-laws in Tennessee have … “Even a blind hog will root up an acorn once in a while.”

My amazement has no limit, as did the fictional ability of L. Ron …


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