Posted: March 8, 2008 in Off Topic

No — not the Scilon version. This is another one.

This post is “off-topic” but worthy of sharing for its information and “laughter value.” I received this email in my “Junk Folder” today … NO, I didn’t respond, but unfortunately, people fall for these schemes every day. If they didn’t, the folks who generate these scams wouldn’t even bother.

Note: Not all 419 Scam Artists employ the exact same techniques, but they all have the same goal: TO TAKE YOUR MONEY BY ANY MEANS POSSIBLE. Now WHY DOES THAT REMIND ME OF SCAMS OF THE RELIGIOUS SORT? Dunno, but I’m digressing.

This email is just another creative version of the Classic Nigerian Scam … called “4-1-9 fraud” after the section of the Nigerian penal code that addresses fraud schemes. The “classic” version of the email offers to cut you in on illicit disposal of loot supposedly secreted by African mass murderers or petrodollar czars. In this case, I am merely the winner of a random drawing of some sort, but none-the-less a WINNER!

The Internet is great, isn’t it? It’s a virtual “Magic Kingdom,” where you can buy just about anything, meet new and interesting people, find information… and lose all your money to scammers from Nigeria or some other exotic country.

Nigeria spent most of the 80’s and 90’s under military rule with corruption and crime running rampant. With 60% of its citizens living below the poverty level and its 28% unemployment rate, it’s little wonder why Nigerians resorted to crime – and resort they did. It is estimated that 30-40% of all heroine that was trafficked throughout the world was controlled by Nigerian crime syndicates. With the return of democracy in Nigeria and a formal Constitution adopted in 1999, the mobsters have been driven into hiding. Almost all of them participate in some sort of 419 or Nigeria E-Mail Scam, as there is no travel involved, no product to move and the rewards can be substantial.

So where did my email come from? Well, when you do a little digging with the email header information, you come up with this piece of information: “The IP address appears to have been assigned by the African Network Information Centre (AfriNIC). AfriNIC is the Regional Internet Registry (RIR) for the Africa region.” WHAT A SURPRISE! Hmmm … map says Nigeria (Lagos, Nigeria is popularly known as the Home of the 419 Scam).



Dear Winner,

I hope this mail meets you in a vital health and a good state of mind. This may come to you as a surprise but it is for real. After an evaluation with computer permutation and manual records, we have found out that you are among the 50 people that have legally and creditably used ATM card effectively.

Thus, being the CEO of SWIFT ATM CARD, a corporation that works with ATM service providers all over the world, we have decided to reward you in utmost good faith with a brand new ATM card that contains $250,000 (Two hundred and fifty thousand U.S Dollars).

With this ATM card you can withdraw a minimum of $3,000 (three thousand U.S Dollars) and a maximum of $4,500 (four thousand five hundred U.S Dollars) everyday.Also,this ATM card gives you an opportunity to win a huge sum of $100,000,000 (One hundred million U.S Dollars) which will be given to just 10 people courtesy our ATM card raffle draw at the end of this month.

Immediately you get this mail, contact Mr. John Udo. Who is in charge of the ATM PAYMENT DEPARTMENT with your:

Send the information above to him through the e-mail: (

Immediately you send him the information above. He will let you know the next step to take.

Urgent response is required to enable a speedy delivery of your super charged ATM card at your door step SOON.





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