Posted: March 2, 2008 in Daily Rant
How are Scientology and Amway alike? Maybe a picture will help …

What are the similarities?
Both have cool slogans
Both have extravagant gala events
Both have yellow shirts
Both are referred to as “cults”
Both get bad press

AMWAY: In pursuit of the almighty dollar
Dateline investigation: Inside story of business that attracts people with promise of easy money

SCIENTOLOGY: The Thriving Cult of Greed and Power
A hugely profitable global racket that survives by intimidating members and critics

Both have their detractors

AMWAY: Some ex-distributors say they were pressured into buying an endless stream of such materials. “I lost $15,000 in four years buying the tapes, traveling to seminars, staying in hotels,” says Ashley Wilkes, 51, a photographer in Sunrise, Minn. “They manipulate you. You become a motivation addict.” He quit Amway in 1994 and blames pressure from his upline distributors for the breakup of his marriage. His ex-wife, Tracie Myers, still a distributor, disputes that. “The business can be profitable, but there are more benefits than just money,” she says.

SCIENTOLOGY: After my due care and consideration and a prolonged examination of events, patterns, attitudes and activities within the Church of Scientology over the past seven years, I hereby tender my resignation from this Organization. Whatever value exists in the basics of Scientology technology is vastly and completely overshadowed by a corrupt and degrading modus operandi imposed by the Church’s senior management. This operandi operates to the continued detriment of those remaining Church members whose integrity is till uncontaminated.

So what’s the difference you ask?

AMWAY: in the last 3 years, the Better Business Bureau in the United States has received exactly 3 consumer complaints regarding Quixtar “Sales Practice Issues”.

SCIENTOLOGY: Google Complaints against scientology — 363,000 links

AMWAY: SA8 topped the ratings of the January 2007 “Laundry detergents” comparison from Consumer Reports . SA8 scored a possible 99 out of 100 points, putting it 15% better than the next best rated detergent, Tide with Bleach, with 87 points. SA8 with Bioquest was the only detergent to rate “excellent” in all three categories.

SCIENTOLOGY: Cannot find any organization outside of the Church of Scientology which offers any kind of rating systems on the organization. Not much in the way of good press either … here are some sample links:

What makes Scientology bad
Scientology’s crazy followers
Scientology: A solution for life or just an evil cult?
More problems for Scientology in the Netherlands
Got a spare $ half million? Join Scientology
Scientology’s Questionable Policies on Rape and Public Relations
Is Scientology Killing Tom Cruise’s Career?
Where There’s Smoke, There’s Scientology
Reject Scientology: It’s a crime against humanity

What should a person do if given a choice between the two … no question, go with Amway. More enthusiasm, better financials, you’ll have good products to sell to your friends, and if you leave, they won’t hunt you down and hound you for more money.


This site not affiliated with Amway or its subsidiaries.

  1. I found your site on google blog search and read a few of your other posts. Keep up the good work. Just added your RSS feed to my feed reader. Look forward to reading more from you.

    – Randy Nichols.


  2. […] PseudoScientology wrote an interesting post today on AMWAY versus SCIENTOLOGYHere’s a quick excerpt … s Scientology Killing Tom Cruise’s Career?… […]


  3. S. Davis says:

    I have to disagree with your analysis. Disclosure: I run the blogs, The Real Amway ( and The Real Sun Myung Moon (

    I agree that Scientology is a destructive cult that exploits people and discourages people with mental health problems from seeking proper medical care. However, cults like Amway and the Moonies exploit their followers and they use their ill-gotten money to try to decide how the rest of us live. Both groups expend a lot of money (often illegally) to affect American elections and attack those who disagree with their agendas.

    Both groups adhere to reactionary, dominionist policies that seek to subjugate women, gays, and racial minorities.

    One final thing: sure, many of the Amway/Quixtar products are of high quality; however, they are sold at a very high markup (for more info, check the blog Quixtar Lost My Cents). Plus, the profits go to people who then spend millions to try to force sectarianism on the rest of us.


  4. pseudoscientology says:

    No argument there brother. My emphasis is less an analysis of Amway (for whom I also have monumental distaste), and more of framing Scientology in a context which demands more thought … particularly by those who are in the “inside.” By way of clarification, I do not want to leave the impression that I endorse Amway in the least — I don’t. Thanks for the great comments. I appreciate your visit.


  5. Wu Kapauw says:

    S. Davis said: “However, cults like Amway and the Moonies exploit their followers and they use their ill-gotten money to try to decide how the rest of us live. Both groups expend a lot of money (often illegally) to affect American elections and attack those who disagree with their agendas.”

    S. Davis, do a little more research and you will quickly find that the Scientology practices of ‘safepointing’ and ‘fair gaming’, among others, involve exactly these tactics. The influence and infiltration of goverments is an explicit Scientology goal promoted by L. Ron Hubbard.

    Two scary groups with some very scary similarities. Scientology is just the Multi-Level Marketing of crappy non-functional ‘self-help’ products.


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