Posted: March 1, 2008 in Daily Rant

arc_triangle.jpgWhy is Scientology like fallacies in logic? Perhaps it would enlighten us (and particularly those on the “inside”) to take a little test and see if we can find comparisons betweeen Scientology and the following logical conundrums (those of you in Rio Vista, California, will be exempt from this test since there are many words with 3 or more syllables and several sentences that contain more than 5 words). These ideas will naturally progress to the discovery of how Scientology has participated in its own demise. Espouse something dumb enough and long enough and finally people will say, “We’ve HAD enough.”

As you read the following summaries, consider one of the concepts of Scientology — the ARC Triangle. The ARC triangle is a Scientology concept that teaches that Affinity + Reality + Communication = Understanding. These concepts are interrelated in the sense that increasing one Scientology belief increases the other two. This concept is better understood by comparing it to a triangle. By naming each corner of the triangle with the concepts of Affinity, Reality and Communication respectively you can see how raising the level of one corner also raises the level of the other two.

This is from the Scientology web site: “They [affinity, reality and communication] are interdependent one upon the other, and when one drops the other two drop also. When one point of the ARC triangle rises, the other two rise also.”

Pay attention class … this is where we ask you to use that cranial mass that’s sitting on your shoulders. Euclidian geometry tells us that there is a uniqueness to certain geometric figures … in this case, the angles of a triangle always add up to 180 degrees. Now, if one angle is equal to 90 degrees, the sum of the other two angles will equal 90 degrees. Good so far? O.K. Let’s increase one of our internal angles to, say 150 degrees. What is going to be the sum of the other two angles? How about 30 degrees? 150 + 30 = 180. Whenever you “raise the level” of any of the internal angles … you DECREASE the angle of BOTH of the remaining angles. You don’t need a picture (but we like to use them anyway!).

So what does this have to do with the Scientology ARC Triangle — well, if you’ve followed along in your syllabus, it means that their metaphor of “raising the level of one corner, also raises the level of the other two” fails the test of any comparison to the characteristics of our triangle. It is purely illogical, and the philosophical “rabbit trails” we might follow are virtually endless!

Here are more studies in logic … or, illogic. The comparisons are just fascinating!

insanity.jpgCatch-22 … or, WHY AM I NOT GETTING FURTHER ON THE BRIDGE?

Catch-22 is a term coined by Joseph Heller in his novel Catch-22, describing a paradox in a law, regulation or practice in which one is a victim regardless of the choice one makes. The prototypical Catch-22, as formulated by Heller, considers the case of a U.S. Army Air Forces bombardier who wishes to be excused from combat flight duty. In order to be excused from such duty, he must submit an official medical diagnosis from his squadron’s flight surgeon, demonstrating that he is unfit because he is insane. However, according to Army regulations, any sane person would naturally not want to fly combat missions because they are so dangerous. By requesting permission not to fly combat missions, on the grounds of insanity, the bombardier demonstrates that he is in fact sane and therefore is fit to fly. Conversely, any flyer who wished to fly on combat runs implicitly demonstrated that he was insane and was unfit to fly and ought to be excused, and to be excused this person would only need to submit a request. Naturally, such flyers never submitted such requests. Of course, if they did, the “Catch” would assert itself, short-circuiting any such attempt to escape from combat duty.

This seemingly irrational situation does have a rational basis, if sanity is a prerequisite to discovering one is insane, which the Air Force in the book believes. If one submits a request to stop flying because one is “insane,” it shows enough sanity to recognize one is insane. In other words, one has to be sane to recognize one’s own insanity.

A Hobson’s choice is a free choice in which only one option is offered, and one may refuse to take that option. The choice is therefore between taking the option or not taking it. It is analogous to the expression “my way or the highway.”

Morton’s Fork is an expression that describes a choice between two equally unpleasant alternatives (in other words, a dilemma), or two lines of reasoning that lead to the same unpleasant conclusion. It is analogous to the expressions “between the devil and the deep blue sea” or “between a rock and a hard place.”


Curry’s paradox might be the following sentence: If this sentence is true, then Santa Claus exists.

If the sentence is true, then what it says is true, namely that if the sentence is true, then Santa Claus exists. Therefore the answer to the hypothetical question must be yes: Santa Claus does exist if the sentence is true. However, that is exactly what the sentence states: not that Santa Claus exists, but that he exists if the sentence is true, which is what the hypothetical answer just established. Therefore the sentence is true after all, and since we have established that Santa Claus exists if the sentence is true, and that it is true, it follows that Santa Claus must exist. Welcome to Bizarro World where you really can’t figure out WHAT’S going on.

The Church of Scientology is a religion based on a dangerous and explosive ideology. That error has finally reached critical mass and will soon explode into oblivion. What we are witnessing is the “fissible material” of its own destruction being imploded upon by a force called Anonymous and other thinking individuals. Like detonators in an atomic bomb, these outside forces are quickly compressing the nuclear core of this evil empire, creating a sustainable chain reaction of destruction. The philosophical explosion will be swift and furious — our final warning for those on the inside is to clear the blast area … freedom and safety await you on the outside. There are many who will help you.

  1. […] pseudoscientology wrote this today. I think it is worth reading. Here is a little snippet:In order to be excused from such duty, he must submit an official medical diagnosis from his squadron’s flight surgeon, demonstrating that he is unfit because he is insane. However, according to Army regulations, any sane person would … […]


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