Now THIS is what I call Girls of Scientology Gone Wild

Posted: February 29, 2008 in Daily Rant

Now THIS is what I call Girls of Scientology Gone Wild

jenna2.jpgWow … is Jenna “hot” attractive or what. Sorry, I couldn’t resist! Er … back on topic. There’s a new nemesis in town for the Church of Scientology.

ESK … ExScientology Kids.

And wouldn’t you know, that among the “admins” is none other than Jenna Miscavige, niece of David Miscagive, leader of the Scilon Empire and world’s shortest reigning dictator. I’m excited about this new site and am looking forward to reading their stories.


Here is a snipped statement from the main page…

Who We Are: Ex-Scientology kids is designed, owned, and operated by three young women who grew up in Scientology, and later left the Church. We feel that growing up in the Scientology environment is a unique experience that’s almost impossible to comprehend unless you’ve lived it yourself. For what it’s worth, we offer non-judgemental support for those who are still in Scientology, discussion and debate for those who’ve already left, and a plethora of easy-to-understand references for the curious.

For the record, while the site admins make every effort to be non-judgemental, that doesn’t mean we’re unbiased. Most of the people that write for this site have had extremely negative experiences in Scientology. Some of us have lost our families due to Scientology’s Disconnection Policy, some of us have experienced physical abuse, and some of us were denied a proper education. However, we do welcome pro-Scientology email, comments and forum posts. There’s even a “no registration required” forum area where anyone may anonymously post questions, comments and advice.

  1. snoware says:

    These courageous girls offer a service, not only to provide support for victims of scientology, but for the general public to try and gain an understanding of what damage this cult has done and is doing to people.

    Truth always wins in the end.


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