Germans still suspicious of Scientology

Posted: February 28, 2008 in Daily Rant

Germany Will Continue to Watch Scientologists

The German government and the Church of Scientology have never been friends. Now a court has ruled that Scientologists are doing enough in Germany to warrant ongoing surveillance by the government, which fears an organized plan to undermine German rule of law.

[LET THE SPOOFING BEGIN] And David Miscavige’s flair for fancy uniforms didn’t earn any points when he showed up unannounced at the meeting which was to vote on continued survelliance of the Church of Scientology. Demanding to be heard at the proceedings, Miscavige pounded the final nail in his own coffin by offering what he thought was a typical greeting to German Interior Minister Wolfgang Schäuble. Following an hour long rant, Miscavige was politely asked to leave, and the Administrative Court concluded the meeting with this policy statement: “There are concrete indications that Scientology’s activities are to implement Scientology’s program in Germany and to expand more and more Scientology’s principles in government, economy and society.”




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