Germany shuts down Scientology kindergarten

Posted: February 27, 2008 in Blogs, World News

kindergarten1.jpgGlossLip Reports

Germany, the front runner among European Union members to show increasing scrutiny towards the Church of Scientology, has hit Scientology with yet another blow.

City officials in Munich closed a kindergarten after discovering it was run by the Church of Scientology. The school had 18 children in attendance and were supervised by two Scientologist adults.

Germany has a hostile attitude towards Scientology, and considering its own sordid history with fascism and totalitarian ideology, it’s not hard to understand why. As anyone familiar with world history can attest, Germany allowed a dangerous organization to fester, entrench itself and ultimately take control of the government in what ultimately became the central cause of WWII and the mass genocide of Jews, and those deemed undesirable by Hitler’s Nazi regime.

Is it fair to compare the Church of Scientology to Hitler’s Nazi party? Probably not, but there are some striking similarities in how the organization is run and the manner in which its principles are spread.

It’s refreshing to hear that a government isn’t subject to the political correctness that is the order of the day in the United States. I support our republic and its individual freedoms with the most patriotic among us, but I will not hesitate to call down an organization which is actively involved in the violation of human rights on a grand scale.

Deutschland hat eine gute Sache. Vielen Dank für Ihr Beispiel.



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