Is The Church Of Scientology Holding Children Hostage?

Posted: February 26, 2008 in Breaking


Here’s an “anonymous” tip with some disturbing accounts from inside the Church of Scientology’s Flag Land Base Center in Clearwater, Florida. This is where the Fort Harrison Hotel is, and many overseas Scientologists come here to take training courses and to work. I saw some information that would indicate the children of Scientologists are being held without their passports, visas or any kind of supporting documentation which states their legal status to be in this country. These children are said to be forced into doing unpaid labor for the CoS centers in Florida and are being held captive while their parents are either shipped overseas or working at any of the various Scientology centers around the world.

  1. Jean says:

    I’ve heard a couple of similar reports before. Surely they can’t be true. How could this happen in the middle of America?


  2. Kids are trained to lie if anyone asks, and they have nowhere to go. A long history of brutal reprisals against critics has left people uninclined to speak up… Until everyone realized that the CoS can’t sue EVERYONE all at once.


  3. This is completely false. People, think and research for yourself.


  4. pseudoscientology says:

    I would agree that fact checking is important . . . but so is avoiding the use of the word “COMPLETELY FALSE.” Careful how you craft those sentences — it’s dangerous territory. If, in the end, all this saber rattling is in error, then all “we” have to do is apologize — No fault, no foul. But let’s remember one thing that IS a fact, O.K.? There is a 1st Amendment which allows everyone to moan, groan, complain, accuse, warn, caution, predict, exhort, inform, expose (and so on) about anything and everything — and that applies to those things which we suspect or know about the CoS. Scientologists can whine tirelessly about how they are being mistreated … but at the end of the day, many of “us” have done what we consider the RIGHT THING TO DO.

    At many points within this mass of humanity which is rising up against a “religious” organization, there is truth. Perhaps it’s not “all” truth … but it certainly cannot be all error. Does every voice represented by an Ex-Scientologist stand to gain anything by repeating lies? That would be the ultimate conspiracy, would it not? I think we deserve to remember that this is the religion of L. Ron Hubbard … not the nice guy that the history revisionists of the Cos would have us know — I’m talking about the one who said, “We are not in the business of being good boys and girls.” The arrogance of that statement has not been lost to his successors.

    So please … try not to be so touchy about this story or that. It’s like eating fish … you just gotta be careful of the bones.


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