Scientology and deaths

Posted: February 23, 2008 in Essentials

No need to say anything … just watch, my friend!

  1. ANON13465 says:

    very moving

    this is why…


  2. pseudoscientology says:

    Here at, we review ALL of our comments before approving/disapproving them. One such comment was received from “Buster” (no doubt, NOT even close to his real name) regarding this post for Tory’s video vigil for the late Shawn Lonsdale. “Buster’s” comment merited the famous “AP” award (read: Annoying Person) and was unceremoniously deleted from the queue. But we WILL show you some of “Buster’s” info, as well as, our response below, since we emailed it to him and we found the email address to be bogus.

    This from Buster’s original comment:
    Author : Buster (IP: ,
    E-mail : [NOT A WORKING EMAIL ADDERESS … we tried it]

    Dear Buster,

    You didn’t actually think we would let this one go “live” did you? Nice touch with the two different erroneous ways you attempted to spell Magoo (Mgoo, Mcgoo). I guess we’d better run you back through the Reading and Study Skills program. Or perhaps you’re just back from RFP and your brain cells haven’t regained their proper orientation. Whatever … have a nice day and enjoy the sunshine there in Clearwater (trace IP address above).



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