Another beautiful person delivered from entering the dark side

Posted: February 15, 2008 in Anonymous

vader.jpgOpinions: Why I’m supporting an Anonymous crusade
Arizona State, Web Devil

The concept of the religion is basically self-purification and how to make decisions, but one could buy a self-help book for much cheaper than what members have to pay for Scientology classes. Increasingly higher payments also aren’t required to become a better person in other religions or just in daily secular life, unlike in Scientology.

I agree with Anonymous’s aim to get rid of Scientology as a religion. The structure of the Church is basically a pyramid scheme. Knowledge should be free, as Anonymous has said, and a questionable cult shouldn’t be allowed to have so much power.

Come March, when the next protest is tentatively planned, maybe a few Anonymous geeks will be out there in masks while the rest have found something else to occupy their time.

But maybe, and hopefully, Anonymous will remain strong and dedicated to bringing down Scientology and succeed in at least bring attention to Scientology’s questionable practices.



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