Posted: February 13, 2008 in Anonymous

Scientology Protest Touted; Additional Efforts Planned
By CARLOS MONCADA, The Tampa Tribune

CLEARWATER – The Internet-based group Anonymous is calling global demonstrations it organized against the Church of Scientology a great success and plans another event next month to coincide with the birthday of the church’s founder, L. Ron Hubbard.

Meanwhile, a spokeswoman for the church denounced the group’s actions, which included a demonstration Sunday in downtown Clearwater that drew about 180 protesters.

What kind of bizarro reality do these folks live in? You don’t “spin” an obviously peaceful demonstration by comparing the participants to the Ku Klux Klan or terrorists. See, that’s what this “auditing” does to your brain … even on an “Offical Spokesperson” level … it paralyzes those brain cells that control the higher brain functions. And then she continues the her wacko diatribe by stating …

“They got their friends to come here and honk their horns, pretending that that’s the community,” she said. “Well, I can tell you I have gotten phone call after phone call from people going, ‘I am so disturbed by this. I don’t approve of it. And it’s not OK.'”

Now if YOU were a community member, would YOU call “them” and voice your disapproval? Ah … NO! You’d call the media or the police. And, of course, do you know what they would tell you? Here’s what they would say … “Look, Mr. Caller – I understand your concern. But you’re just gonna have to get over it, because THIS IS AMERICA! And in America there are certain things like FREE SPEECH, RIGHT TO ASSEMBLY that these folks are taking advantage of.”

And you know what else? Because YOUR world is a world of mental distortion, you’ve misunderstood the right to freedom of the press guaranteed by the first amendment. It is not very different from the right to freedom of speech. It allows an individual to express themselves through publication and dissemination. It is part of the constitutional protection of freedom of expression. It does not afford members of the media any special rights or privileges not afforded to citizens in general.

And one more little tidbit which the high and mighty Church of Scientology should be aware of … The right to petition the government for a redress of grievances guarantees people the right to ask the government to provide relief for a wrong through the courts (litigation) or other governmental action. It works with the right of assembly by allowing people to join together and seek change from the government. And that change is laid at your doorstep. You talk and boast of all sorts of “Human Rights” groups within your panoply of front groups – but now is the time to pay the piper. Now is the time for those who have been wronged to have justice. Now is the time for crime in the name of religion to stop. YOU WILL BE FOUND OUT. MISCAVIGE IS BEING WATCHED. OTHERS ARE BEING WATCHED. WE ARE LEGION. WE ARE COMING.


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