Mark Ebner ventured inside the Mother ship … here is his story.

Posted: February 13, 2008 in Essentials

ebner.jpgEbner Undercover: Scientology, Spy Magazine, 1996 – March 23, 2006
(Rated “R” for language)
Still a good “1st person report”

“No doubt, after this article, I will be declared an SP, and I’m certain my Dead Agent Pack will be disseminated. This does not frighten me. Heck, lie and tell the world I am gay or annouce that my AIDS test came up positive. You no doubt hold the threat of revealing sexual orientation over the heads of more than the odd celebrity to keep them from defecting.”

Yes … you HAVE to go and read the rest. Mark, known as an investigative journalist, also writes a blog, Hollywood Interupted … a rather irreverant mixture of sarcasm and celebrity reporting. But his expose, “Do You Want To Buy a Bridge” – a 1st person report on $cientology basically put him on the map professionally. And contributed to his fall from grace too.

Follow this link to find out how his book was received by the Scilons.


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