Protest of Epic Proportions?

Posted: February 11, 2008 in World News
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‘Anonymous’ takes anti-Scientology to the streets
L.A. Times
Web Scout

“Anonymous” now has a bunch of faces to go without its name. The loosely bound group of net activists who’ve got a beef with the Church of Scientology showed up Sunday at the church’s largest Los Angeles’ locations. The protests were part of a global day of demonstrations against Scientology. Hordes of masked, costumed (and mostly young) picketers showed up in Boston, New York, Toronto, the U.K., Australia and a dozen other locations (thanks wikinews).

The protests were peaceful and colorful, with music and chanting (often: “Religion is free — No Pay Per View” — a reference to an alleged tiered system whereby the religion’s adherents must pay money to gain spiritual clarity). A near constant stream of horn honks provided the background noise as cars passed the Scientology center on Sunset Boulevard and continued as the mob moved to the so-called Celebrity Center on Hollywood Boulevard. At least one ambulance and several fire department vehicles honked as they passed.

Well … it looks as though we are beyond just a few disgruntled computer hackers. What’s the next step David? Will they be back with larger numbers next month? Was it just too peaceful to prosecute? So many questions … the world awaits the answers.


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