Are you ready for some football?

Posted: February 3, 2008 in Off Topic

It’s that time of the year again … take a break from the action and get ready to enjoy some football. Do Scientologists get to watch football? Don’t know, but we’ve got some sites that’ll turn your browser into a Super Bowl powerhouse (guaranteed to be more powerful than Dianetics) …

ESPN – Coverage of the game inside and out.

Fox Sports – Coverage from the network that is actually airing the game in the United States, Fox.

Sporting News – The well known sporting newspaper brings a lot of NFL-related info.

Sports Illustrated – Sports Illustrated will have enough post game analysis to make you feel like the game lasted a month. Will take your mind off blowing that last security audit. – An unofficial site with a history of every Super Bowl up through 2007.

New England Patriots – The American Football Conference champions for the year. Will they finish their path to perfection or fumble at the last step?

New York Giants – The National Football Conference champions at this year’s Super Bowl.

Super Bowl XLII – The official site of the 42nd Super Bowl to decide the champion of the NFL (National Football League).

MSNBC Classic Ads Collection – Assortment of classic Super Bowl ads including the infamous Apple “1984″ ad. – Look up ads by year since 2002, or by advertiser. – A collection of ads since Super Bowl XXXII in 1998.

YouTube AdBlitz – After the game is over, head here to see all of the commercials again.


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