“A” for Anonymous Wants to Kick Scientology’s “S”

Posted: February 3, 2008 in Media

Be Wary, Be Wary, the 10th of February …

Chez Pazienza – Huffington Post

Almost since its inception as an organization, Scientology has been involved in one unscrupulous scheme or another — at various points guilty of fraud, exploitation of its adherents for financial gain, and the illegal infiltration of government agencies. It’s upheld the basic edict of its paranoid narcissist founder and set out to destroy its critics through intimidation, innuendo and impossibly dirty tricks. It was once called the “most lucrative cult the country has ever seen” by the Cult Awareness Network, a watchdog group which was eventually taken over by associates of the Church of Scientology. The whole thing, including the silly cosmology that serves as the basis for Scientology’s belief system — the kind of nonsense only a hack sci-fi writer could dream up — would be laughable if it weren’t so damn scary.


Wow … not even the Mormons or Christian Scientists get this kind of press. You would think that some of Scientology’s “so-called” outreach programs in drug rehabilitation and education would have enough socially redeeming publicity value to save them from this kind of criticism — but alas, it’s too litte, too late. Better luck next time, Xenu!


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