Kirstie Alley Doesn’t Like Scientology Jokes

Posted: February 2, 2008 in Media

Kirstie Alley Doesn’t Like Scientology Jokes

Fervent Scientologist Kirstie Alley, who apparently reads every last page of US Weekly, had her attorney fire off a letter demanding the celebrity mag drop one of its fashion critics over a joke she made about Kirstie’s religion … Kirstie’s lawyer Barry Felsen writes in a letter obtained by “Ms. Lo should be discharged for her narrow-minded comment. You should apologize and commit to a thorough examination of why you have chosen to foster animosity and bias against Scientologists.”


In a related story, The International Thespians issued an official “Non-association” letter to Ms Alley, distancing themselves from any recognition of her screen talent. “We have no earthly idea who this woman is,” said spokesperson Angela Rogers, “we’ve never heard of her – she doesn’t appear to have any significant artistic talent.” Meanwhile the State Bar of California began disciplinary procedings for Mr. Felsen for professional misconduct based on his inability to distinguish between frivilous and non-frivilous lawsuits, in addition to his silly letter writing campaigns for has-been movie stars. Felsen was unavailable for comment.


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