The Church of Scientology doesn’t take kindly to negative coverage

Posted: January 30, 2008 in Essentials

The Church of Scientology doesn’t take kindly to negative coverage

By Robert W. Welkos
Staff writer for the Los Angeles Times
November/December 1991

In the late spring of 1990, shortly before the Los Angeles Times published a comprehensive series on the Church of Scientology by staff writer Joel Sappell and myself, a deliveryman arrived at my house and propped a large manila envelope against my front door. It was from a mortuary, and inside was a brochure extolling the benefits of arranging your funeral before you die.

“Investigate the pre-arrangement program at our memorial park now,” the brochure read. “You’ll be glad you did, and so will your family.”

Curious, I telephoned the mortuary and asked why they had sent me the material. To my amazement, they didn’t know they had and told me they never sent brochures unsolicited because it can be upsetting. They assured me they were always sensitive to such concerns and that it would not happen again.

But it did.

There’s more

But I thought they were a group of enlightened individuals seeking the best of what life has to offer, and spreading peace and harmonious human relations.

Uhhhh … No! See more below.

The Scientology Story
by Joel Sappell and Robert W. Welkos

A six-part series in the Los Angeles Times, June 24-29, 1990

  1. j hunter says:

    This kind of behaviour is typical Fair Game activity. The act of sending someone such material is disturbing but not enough, by the standards of most people, to be evidence of harrasment in a court of law.


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