The Church of Scientology by Stewart Lamont

Posted: January 29, 2008 in Media

The Church of Scientology by Stewart Lamont

The story of Scientology reads like the plot of a bizarre and sensational movie. A science-fiction writer founds a religion, makes millions of dollars in the process and then becomes a recluse. His followers, who dress in naval-style uniforms, engage in a cops and robbers game with the FBI and the American Inland Revenue Service which leads to Watergate style burglaries and multi-million dollar lawsuits for and against the cult. Smear campaigns are conducted against its enemies and accusations of brain-washing are
levelled against the church by psychiatrists. A breakaway movement leads to purges and the break-up of families and hundreds of members are declared ‘Suppressive Persons’. Then a young lieutenant of the cult leader takes over amid accusations that he has forged the documents which give him power over the cult’s millions.


Wow! Pass me some more popcorn … should be an interesting read!


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