Church Of Scientology: Power, Corruption, Lies – Part 1

Posted: January 29, 2008 in Blogs

Church Of Scientology: Power, Corruption, Lies – Part 1

Last night’s Glosslip Radio show with author Ian Halperin was an incredibly powerful and explosive look at the deception and danger which lurks within Hollywood’s most influential organization, The Church of Scientology.


  1. MARK says:

    WOW, Power, Corruption & Lies! What a title! Unfortunately it sounds more like Psychology/Psychiatry than Scientology. What other group can you name that has sex with their patients and calls it treatment? Well besides prostitution? Who else has had a history of unimaginitable brutatility on its patients, Shock Therapy, Brain Surgery, etc. under the guise of legitimate treatment? Just WHO has that or did that help? If we have been decieved by Scientology, where are lies, why don’t the Psychologists/Psychiatists come forward with their books opened, and SHOW us, the decieved ones, WHAT they actually accomplish, that isn’t actually harming their patients? Let’s start with a statistic that shows how many people under the care, or recent care, say if the past 2 years, of the “professionals” commit murder, suicide, and other violient felonies. How many of them die of drug overdoses or drug reactions? Or die because a momentary lack of judgement or everyday skill? Now I am sure that they will hide behind their sudo-secrecy veil, “doctor-patient confiedntiality”. Or they will say, with a sigh, “Well, I just couldn’t help that one. NEXT!” In my opinion, they use the legal injuction just to hide all their sins! If this is not true, well then prove it to us! Show us how many people you can actually CURE from their mental illness. PROVE TO US that you are actually doing more GOOD than HARM! Being educated and “learned” can be a good thing. But just because I have a degree in something doesn’t actually mean that I am any good at it, or that it works. Just prove that Psycharictry works. Is that too much to ask? Am I asking to look behind the curtain? YES! Psychology/Psychiatry charge and spend BILLIONS of dollars. Really, just prove to us who you really are. I propose that we take this issue, and really see just what you have been doing with the past 100 or so years, and all the money you have ammased. Lets have Congress order that the books be opened, and have a FACTUAL INVESTIGATION of what has been going on here. Lets take the last 50 years of your treatments and really SEE what you have accomplished. I think that Psychology/Psychiatry are FRAUDS. Please, prove me wrong! I know that you won’t, because you are really just a bunch of cowards, who hide behind a curtain and then claim that nothing works, because you can’t seem to make a go of it. I now hear rumors that Psychology / Psychiatry are claiming that “insanity/mental illness” are incurable. WOW! A STATEMENT OF FAILURE from such a group of smart and able professionsals must really be a fact! I really believe that you really can’t do anything about it. But i know that others can. If you put away your bigotry for a moment, you might just find out that something can be done about it. But of course, you won’t. Bigorty only has one ally, and that is cowardness. They make good bedfellows. Its sad but often true.


  2. AF says:

    “If you put away your bigotry for a moment, you might just find out that something can be done about it. But of course, you won’t. Bigorty only has one ally, and that is cowardness.”

    Ah, yes. “Something can be done about it” — the motto of the Scientology Volunteer Ministers, the only “aid group” which goes to foreign countries suffering the aftermath of natural disasters to take food and shelter, rather than give it. In an unusual twist on the notion of bringing aid to the destitute, Churilov says his group arrived in Aceh with nothing and were given tents by the army and food by friendly locals. Unfazed that the aid flow was meant to go the other way, he used this as an example of how well accepted the Scientologists were by the local people, rather than an example of traditional manners.

    So, in MARK’s world, you’re either a Volunteer Minister or you’re a bigot (or perhaps “bigort” — one can’t be sure.) Of course, one must wonder: how is it not bigotry to write off every single member of two professions (mistakenly referred to as if they were one) as “cowards”? how is it not bigotry to make judgments based on what you yourself acknowledge are “rumors”? Let’s be honest, MARK — you don’t actually want truthful answers to the “questions” you asked above. Oh, you may think you do — but you don’t. You want the answer that fits what you already believe.


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