Affidavit of Andre Tabayoyon (5 March 1994)

Posted: January 29, 2008 in Quote of the Day

I know Miscavige. I have also worked directly for him for many years. Miscavige is a second generation Scientologist. He was born into Scientology, a high school drop out and became one of Hubbard’s Commodores Messengers as a teenager. In this capacity, I have been informed and believe that he was responsible for many multi-million dollar illegal international currency transfers. He did this as an innocent looking young courier. Miscavige has never known of a life outside of Scientology. ‘He is as close to a ‘Rondroid’ (L.R. Hubbard droid) as it is possible to be. He rules Scientology like David Koresh ruled Waco and the Branch Davidians. He endorses Hubbard’s goal of Scientology taking over the entire planet including all heads of government and news media. Hubbard said “take all of the people, put them in Scientology and have them run under the processes of Scientology.” Hubbard’s plan is for Scientology to interface with planet earth for one person to be in charge and for the whole planet to be under a Scientology seven Division org board.



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