Highest-level defector discloses pervasive criminality of organization

Posted: January 27, 2008 in Essentials

Story of Jesse Prince …

[August 15, 1998]

Jesse Prince left Scientology in 1992, after practicing Scientology and working for Scientology for 16 years, during which he reached Scientology’s highest ranks. Prince served as second-in-command of one of Scientology’s main organizations, the powerful Religious Technology Center (RTC), and on RTC’s Board of Directors.

Since leaving in 1992, Prince has worked to put his life in order, but has not spoken publicly about his experience in Scientology – until now.

Prince’s silence was due to his vast knowledge of criminal activities pervading Scientology, his possible culpability for having partaken in illegal acts on behalf of Scientology, and his fear of Scientology’s vengeance (indeed he has received death threats after going public with only a few details of his experience).

On August 14, 1998, an affidavit by Jesse Prince was filed in the Denver Federal Court in conjunction with the FACTNet-Scientology lawsuit. This affidavit exposes a vast system of criminality pervading Scientology, rooted in Scientology’s leadership.

* The Jesse Prince Story, Part I [August 3, 1998]
* The Jesse Prince Story, Part II [August 4, 1998]
* The Jesse Prince Story, Part III [August 6, 1998]


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