Alley defends Cruise’s scientology speech

Posted: January 26, 2008 in World News

Alley defends Cruise’s scientology speech
Malaysia Sun

Actress Kristie Alley has come to the defence of superstar Tom Cruise after he was criticised for praising his religion Scientology in a promotional video. reports that Cruise called the religion ‘a blast’ and then spoke positively about the faith’s founder, science fiction writer L. Ron.

The public was not meant to view the video, and Alley says the criticism of Cruise proves why the church wanted to use the footage for only promotional purposes.

Alley said: ‘Tom was using words meant for a Scientology audience. On the web, the video is taken out of context. It’s like a rabbi addressing a Christian church, speaking in Hebrew. No one would understand him.’

What a hoot … that really clears things up for me (NOT!). One “has-been” actor coming to the rescue of another — you really need to read the “comments” on this news post to appreciate the humor in all this.


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