From Slashdot … An inside view of the Scientology reality tunnel

Posted: January 25, 2008 in X-Members

A former member speaks …

Within the Church of Scientology, you are taught that Scientology is the one and only solution to all mankind’s problems, and during this narrow window of opportunity in mankind’s history it is possible to “clear the planet” (ie give everybody auditing) and save humanity from itself. Most other goals pale in comparison and anything that detracts from Scientology, or its expansion is in essence a mortal sin against humanity. This belief is strong enough to get people sign up the Sea Organization [] (LRH’s private navy) on a billion year contract (ie you are in for the long haul… and not just this lifetime)

Anyone who attacks the church is either a suppressive person (2.5% of the population who are evil – think Hitler), PTS due to a connection to an SP (Potential Trouble Source – 20% of the population), or has committed various other overts and withholds (ie sins and secrets) and it trying to justify their own actions by making the Scientology seem less (because if you admitted to yourself that Scientology was the “one and only solution” then your otherwise small crime would have to weigh fairly heavily on your conscience). Anyone who commits various sins and suppressive acts, will be subconsciously aware of this, and slowly do themselves in (ie get sick, have an accident) to prevent themselves from committing more crimes.

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