What Scientology fails at is truth.

Posted: January 23, 2008 in World News

The Cult of Scientology

Scientology is all about Me. It’s my happiness and money success.

Scientology is not about my sins, my need for repentance, my total inability to redeem my soul, my need for a Savior who provides His holy sacrifice by which to rescue my hell-bent soul.

Scientology is amoral. But there is no such entity as “amoral.” It is moral or immoral. When something is referred to as amoral it is immoral. There is no middle ground between righteousness and unrighteousness. All is either smiled upon by heaven or urged on by hell. The only entities that may be regarded as “amoral” are inanimate objects such tables and chairs.

Christianity presents the truth that the mortal is born in sin. Mortal is in need of a Redeemer who presents Himself as holy before heaven’s courts, providing His own life as a ransom for repentant souls.

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They miss by a mile that which is at the center of their existence.


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